Student Loans

Our Student Loans can help you pay for tuition, textbooks, rent...whatever you may need to help you take control of your finances and concentrate on school.

- Interest only payments while in school
- Manageable repayment terms
- Discounted interest rate
- Qualification based on student
- $30 Staples card!

What else do you need to know?

  • *This is a non-OSAP loan – regardless of whether you live with your parents or independently, your parents incomes are not used to qualify for the loan itself. However your parent(s) (or grandparent(s)) will be used as guarantors.
  • The loan/line-of-credit has a discounted rate
  • During the application and every fall, you will be required to prove your enrollment in post-secondary education
  • Maximum of $5,000 per education year will be given (based on application)
  • Interest only payment requirements are on a monthly basis while you’re a student
  • Six months after you are no longer a student, the loan will convert to a regular personal loan, requiring principal and interest payments. 

For more information, contact our lending department at

Or click here to apply now! 

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