Anita Saar - CEO & President
Ene Timmusk - Manager, Member Service
Priit Nikker - Manager, Systems & Finance
Auli Räsänen - Manager, Administration & Compliance

Liisa Keevallik - Manager, Retail Lending
Scott Lister - Manager, Commercial Lending
Shelley Wallace - Senior Loan Officer
Kersti Toomik - Loan Officer
Leiki Kopvillem - Retail Lending Support 
Mari Wichman - Commercial Loans Officer

Heili Orav - Investment Specialist
Liisi Lainelo - Member Services

Miina Yalle - Supervisor, Marketing & Member Service

Hille Järve - Member Representative
Triina Kiilaspea - Member Representative
Tuuli Hess - Member Representative

Ülo Prost - Analyst

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