Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits may be made:

  • In branch
  • At ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® Network anywhere in Canada. Click here for ATM Locations
  • Via electronic funds transfer (payroll deposits, government pensions & tax refunds)
  • By mail  (please be sure to write "Deposit only to Account No. ___" on the back of each cheque)
  • In our drop-box after hours
  • Post-dated deposits in our office & by mail

Withdrawals may be made: 

  • In branch
  • With our debit card from ATMs on the worldwide Cirrus network system, including Estonia
    (please note that you have to have a Chequing account for withdrawals)
  • With our Debit Card at Canadian and U.S. Point of Sale systems on the Interac or ACCEL networks 

Note:  While we do not charge fees for Debit Card transactions members may be levied a charge by owners of ATMs not belonging to THE EXCHANGE® or AccuLink® Network.

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