ATM Locations & Mobile App

Now you can make fee-free withdrawals and deposits at over 3,700 locations across Toronto, the GTA and Canada!

Members may access their accounts to make deposits (Canadian ATM's only) and
 surcharge-free withdrawals through THE EXCHANGE® ATM network - the 2nd largest Financial Institution ATM network in Canada!

Canadian ATM locations: THE EXCHANGE®

International withdrawals (Personal 1 account required): Cirrus/Maestro System ATMs

Download The Estonian Credit Union ATM locator mobile app for your smart phone.


The Estonian (Toronto) Credit Union is a member of THE EXCHANGE® ATM Network, which consists of over 200 Canadian financial institutions and their respective ATMs. This additional service allows members to make deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, transfers, and PIN changes at any of the 3,300+ Canadian ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® network without any service charges.

To find an ATM location near you, you can click here. In the U.S. ATMs are easily identifiable by the ACCEL logo.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this service. It makes it even easier for our members to do business with us. We’re confident our members will find THE EXCHANGE® ATM network
 a great addition to our already excellent banking services.

Our members are able to make withdrawals at 56,000+ ACCEL ATMs in the continental U.S. as well as utilize the ACCEL Point of Sale debit network. The ACCEL network is one of the largest Point of Sale (POS) networks in the U.S. with more than 1.6 million merchants in the network. Additionally, 18 of the top 20 U.S. retailers use ACCEL.

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