Personal Loans 

Our personal loans include open repayment terms allowing you to make additional payments at any time, without penalty.  Loans are available for 1 to 5 year terms. Personal loans are available for most purposes, including the payment of outstanding credit balances bearing higher interest rates (e.g. credit card balances).

Check our website monthly to discover what loan special we're offering! 

Car Loans

We've launched a new car loan package to help you save money and find the right financing solution. Available for new and used cars up to 6 years old, we offer terms of 1 - 5 years with great rates and no penalties for early paybacks. Find details here.

RRSP Loans

We offer loans for Registered Savings products throughout the year at low rates. Contact our loan department for more information. 

Line of Credit

The revolving Line of Credit product provides you with immediate access to funds and is linked to the Personal 1 Daily Interest Chequing Account, as an authorized overdraft.

Student Loans 

We offer Student Loans and Lines of Credit to help you through the school year. Talk to our lending department today to find out what makes the most sense for you! 

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