ECU Ekbaum Scholarship

The ECU Ekbaum Scholarship is accepting applications for the 2018 scholarships until April 9th, 2018.
(Eestikeelse avalduse leiad siit).

The ECU Ekbaum Scholarship recipients will be chosen by a four-person panel (“Panel”) from the Board of Directors and staff of the Estonian (Toronto) Credit Union Limited (“ECU”) to recognize members engaged in post-secondary study, who are active in the Estonian community and who meet the requirements below.

The Panel retains discretion to determine the number of Scholarships to be awarded. The Panel reserves the right to award no Scholarships.

In awarding Scholarships, the Panel will place greater emphasis on:
i) the applicants’ involvement in the Estonian community in leadership positions in furtherance of Estonian culture and language, and
ii) the submitted written discussion.
Applications may be in English or Estonian, but submissions in Estonian are appreciated.

To be considered for a Scholarship, the applicant must:
1. complete and submit the application form and required attachments by April 9, 2018;
2. be under 26 years of age at April 30, 2018;
3. be an ECU member;
4. be enrolled in at least first year of post-secondary study at April 9, 2018;
5. not have previously received a Scholarship;
6. agree to attend the ECU Annual General Meeting at 7:00 pm on April 30, 2018 or, on a separate page submitted with the application form, explain why circumstances preclude attendance;
7. agree that his or her name, photo, biography, testimonial and written discussion piece may be published by ECU in its promotional materials.

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