About the Estonian Credit Union

Established in 1954 to meet the financial needs of the local Estonian Community, the credit union has since flourished into a full service co-operative financial institution offering products and services to the broader community. Our membership of individuals, organizations, and small businesses now stands at over 5,000. 

The Credit Union Difference

At the Estonian Credit Union becoming a member means you become part of a community. As a member, you are a part owner in the credit union, meaning we answer to you. 

Sharing our success is part of the credit union difference. When we make money, so do you. We put people before profits - excess earnings are distributed to members in form of profit sharing, no-fee accounts, and great interest rates on deposits & loans.

Full Service Banking

We pride ourselves on our high level of personalized service in both English and Estonian. ECU has everything you need;

  • A NO-fee policy on accounts & core services
  • A full range of products and services
  • Great interest rates
  • Convenient access WHEREVER you are through online & mobile banking, e-Transfers and our global debit card network
  • Personalized service - we personally answer your calls and know you by name

With our debit card you can make cash withdrawals from ATM's anywhere in the world! Plus, make retail purchases throughout Canada and the U.S. with our Point of Sale system. Being part of the EXCHANGE® network gives you access to make deposits and surcharge-free withdrawals at over 3,300 locations in Canada - the 2nd largest financial institution ATM network in Canada! 

We are proud to offer full service banking with no fee accounts & core services to everyone - no matter your age or account balance. From our investment options like TFSA's, RRIF's, RESP's, and access to over 1,200 mutual funds to mortgages and co-op loans, we offer it all. With our personalized service we will make sure that you're happy with where your money is. 

Come visit us today and see our great services for yourself! To learn more about becoming a member, click here.

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