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"The best financial institution ever. Amazing customer service. Super persona, they really get to know you and all your needs. I do corporate banking there as well, and same goes for that, super service. Why would anyone ever go to a 'big bank' I will never know."
- Tuula H.

"They are, quite simply, the best and most friendly no-fee bank around!"
- Andrew B.

"I always receive awesome, personal service from the staff, a 100% free chequing account, and free international ATM withdrawals! Good luck finding a major bank who can compete with that."
- Scott B.

"Being part of this institution since birth, I could never imagine banking elsewhere. No fee debit, ATM and chequing are three things that set them apart and of course the friendly, helpful service by phone or in person."
- Taavo W.

"I just moved to Canada from Europe and ECU was one of the first institutions I visited! It was super easy an convenient to open a bank account and they've been helpful ever since."
- Mark H.

"Service next to none! No fees. Friendly staff who recognize me by my voice over the phone."
- Silvi V.

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