Commercial Lending

Helping you achieve your business dreams.

The Estonian Credit Union is proud to offer various options for commercial lending to meet any business dream you may have! Our team of skilled commercial lenders will help you navigate the financing options available to find the best solution for your needs.

Commercial Mortgages

ECU offers mortgages on a wide range of commercial properties, including office, retail, industrial and multi-residential.

This product is ideal for borrowers who own or are looking to purchase property, to use it for their own business or to rent out. Whether funds are needed to refinance an existing mortgage, or provide cash to expand, ECU will help you navigate our various financing options.

We offer:

  • Financing available for up to 70% of property value, dependent on property type
  • Terms of 1 – 5 years
  • Fixed or variable rates
  • Open or closed terms
  • Amortization up to 25 years

Residential Investment Mortgages

Investment mortgages are a great way to invest in real estate, and our mortgages are designed as the perfect vehicle to take advantage of these investment opportunities.

ECU offers mortgages on residential investment or rental properties not exceeding 4 units. This product is available to corporate or private individual borrowers. The property must be zoned residential.

We offer:

  • Financing available for up to 80% of property value
  • Preferential rates and terms

Canada Small Business Financing Program

Whether you are in business now, planning a start-up or buying a small business, ECU can offer financing up to 100% of eligible costs under the Canada Small Business Financing Program.

This product is ideal for small businesses earning less than $5 million in annual revenue and looking to expand their operations, purchase new property or upgrade existing equipment.

We offer:

  • Financing up to $500,000 for property acquisitions, or up to $350,000 for equipment purchase or leasehold improvements
  • Competitive fixed or variable rates
  • Choice of terms up to 5 years
  • Subject to government requirements.
If you’re interested in any of our commercial products, please contact the commercial lending department at the branch (416) 465-4659 or send an email to We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and start you on your way to business success!

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