eSwitch is a simplified service that co-ordinates the transfer of existing pre-authorized transactions to the Estonian Credit Union from another financial institution.

Are you currently paying bills online through another financial institution? Are you reluctant to change them over to your new or existing ECU account due to the complicated changeover process? If so, sign up for the eSwitch service and remove the headache from this process. With one easy phone call, eSwitch will verify your preauthorized transaction information and will transfer these transactions to your ECU account, all free of charge.  

Whether you're an existing Member or a new's so easy!

  • Contact the branch to receive your Customer Authorization form.
  • An eSwitch customer service representative will contact you at a time convenient to you to verify your pre-authorized transaction information. If you wish, a request can be sent to close your old bank account.
  • Following your phone appointment, eSwitch will mail you a Notification Package which will detail a comprehensive Payment Change Schedule that outlines when the transfers will be made to your ECU account.
  • As you can see, this process is simple, straightforward and convenient. Best of all, as a member, it saves you money. Transferring your pre-authorized payments to ECU will enable you to eliminate your service fees because at ECU our philosophy is simple.... we don’t believe in service fees. As an ECU Member, membership does have its benefits!!!!

Please call or come into our office to make the switch of your lifetime – an eSwitch. 


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