Who We Are

About the Estonian Credit Union

Established in 1954 to meet the financial needs of the local Estonian Community, the credit union has since flourished into a full service co-operative financial institution offering products and services to the broader community. Our membership of individuals, organizations, and small businesses now stands at over 5,000.

We pride ourselves on our high level of personalized service, both in English and Estonian. We are happy to support our youth through scholarship opportunities, and we give back to the community with donations, volunteering, and sponsorships. We continue to provide financial education for our members, giving seminars and lessons to everyone, from children to seniors.

Old Photos of Estonian Credit Union Staff

Our Values

Our values are founded in the core, cooperative principles underlying the credit union movement worldwide - mutual self-help can help people achieve their goals and build better communities.

Dual bottom line - financial and social
Member service driven
Financial stability
Distribution of financial surplus to member shareholders
Democratic and respectful of the individual
Ongoing education
Social responsibility



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